About Ovation Boats

We are professional boatbuilders who specialise in high quality mid range narrowboats of 60ft length with semi cruiser stern and cabin layout on a reverse layout with galley at the rear and bedroom at the front.

With many years in the inland boating narrowboat industry both at a personal and professional level we understand what works well and what makes for a good boating experience.

We offer a ready to go narrowboat where we take it to the edge with all the choices made for you and a narrowboat based on a standard layout with many choices up to you to suit your personal choice.

Your Boat - Your Choice

Choose ready-to-go or custom-fitted

British Marine approved warranty

Crick Boat Show August 20-22

We will be showing two 60’ reverse layout narrowboats; one each from our edge and choice range.

Next available completed boat, spring 2022.

Choose from Charnwood Edge or Charnwood Choice:

Charnwood Edge

Charnwood Edge

Next completed boat available from Spring 2022

£106,000 incl. VAT


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Charnwood Choice

Charnwood Choice

Next completed boat available from Spring 2022 subject to your choice of colour and inside finish

Typically in the region of £124,000 incl. VAT

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Interactive walkthrough on a completed Charnwood Choice

Excellent Customer Service

Ovation Boats will guide you through the purchase process

Open Days

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